CFD, which stands for ’Contract for Difference’, is the equivalent of ’Difference Agreement ’’. They are investment instruments that allow you to invest in the future expectations of the underlying underlying product with less collateral than the underlying product without having a financial product with small guarantees.Our CFD products and trading hours that you can trade via DMC Fx are as follows.

Products Trading Hours   Processing Off Hours
WTİ 02.00-00.59   WTİ 01.00-02.00
BRENT 04.00-00.59   BRENT 01.00-04.00
DJ 02.00-00.15    00.30-00.59   DJ 00.15-00.30   01.00-02.00
S&P 02.00-00.15    00.30-00.59   S&P 00.15-00.30   01.00-02.00
NAS 02.00-00.15    00.30-00.59   NAS 00.15-00.30   01.00-02.00
DAX 10.00-00.00   DAX 00.00-10.00

* Our CFD products are term-free and do not contain swaps.