Parity is the value of the currency of one country against the currency of another country.Transactions are made over the value of the first currency against the second currency. You can trade for 5 days 24 hours on the below parities via DMC Fx.

AUDCAD (Australian Dollar - Canadian Dollar)
AUDCHF (Australian Dollar - Swiss Franc)
AUDJPY (Australian Dollar - Japanese Yen)
AUDNZD (Australian Dollar - New Zealand Dollar)
AUDUSD (Australian Dollar - US Dollar)
CADCHF (Canadian Dollar - Swiss Franc)
CADJPY (Canadian Dollar - Japanese Yen)
CHFJPY (Swiss Franc - Japanese Yen)
EURAUD (Euro - Australian Dollar)
EURCAD (Euro - Canadian Dollar)
EURCHF (Euro - Swiss Franc)
EURGBP (Euro - Sterling)
EURJPY (Euro - Japanese Yen)
EURNZD (Euro - New Zealand Dollar)
EURTRY (Euro - Turkish Lira)
EURUSD (Euro - US Dollar)
GBPAUD (Sterling - Australian Dollar)
GBPCAD (Sterling - Canadian Dollar)
GBPCHF (Sterling - Swiss Franc)
GBPJPY (Sterling - Japanese Yen)
GBPNZD (Sterling - New Zealand Dollar)
GBPUSD (Sterling - American Dollar)
NZDCAD (New Zealand Dollar - Canadian Dollar)
NZDCHF (New Zealand Dollar - Swiss Franc)
NZDJPY (New Zealand Dollar - Japanese Yen)
NZDUSD (New Zealand Dollar - US Dollar)
USDCAD (USD - Canadian Dollar)
USDCHF (US Dollar - Swiss Franc)
USDJPY (USD - Japanese Yen)
USDTRY (US Dollar - Turkish Lira)

Note: Weekly opening takes place on Monday night at 01.05 and closing on Saturday at 00.59.